Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Yeasayer - Oddblood

After Yeasayer's euphoric contribution to the Dark Was The Night compilation, Tightrope, great things were to be expected from their new album. Tightrope struck me as one of the best tracks of last year with its stunning melodies, strong drumbeat and anthemic chorus.

Oddblood starts off promisingly with The Children, a dark and moody electronic number. Clearly the most modern sounding track on the album with elements of Bloc Party and Battles. Ambling Alp, the first single to be taken from the album is quite a good pop song but doesn't do much for me. It is cheesy 80's pop with annoying lyrics about keeping your head up and retaining your pride in difficult situations. Maybe I'm just miserable but a song can be too happy and uplifting, I just find it patronising.

ONE sounds like it could have been recorded by Culture Club in the 80's. As a song it is very mainstream, with a bit of remixing it could be played in clubs, as could Love Me Girl, Oddblood's best track, especially the intro which is quite trancey but in a good way. Rome is quite catchy and has elements of The Cure's Lovecats but like Ambling Alp doesn't inspire me to want to hear it again.

It is just a matter of taste as I wouldn't say this is a bad album on song-writing or production terms. Its just after their first album, All Hours Cymbals, I was expecting something along similar lines, with more of an ambient, folky feel. On the plus side, the last track Grizelda is reminiscent of the first album. I don't mind Yeasayer changing their sound as in some cases, with the opening track and album highlight - Love Me Girl, it works. Heres hoping that with future albums they find a happy medium between their old and new style but being as experimental as Yeasayer are, they'll probably do something completely different.