Saturday, 6 February 2010

New Music...

Just a quick overview of some of the new bands I've been listening to this week...

Local Natives

Not letting the constant Spotify ads put me off I decided to give them a listen. Hailing from L.A, their sunny indie sound with hints of calypso means they could be a festival hit. Airplanes is the stand out track, an instantly memorable pop song. If you like Vampire Weekend check them out. The album, Gorilla Manor is out now.

Goldheart Assembly

London-based Goldheart Assembly have a retro sound to them, reminiscent of The Beatles. The vocal harmonies of Hope Hung High make the song almost timeless. So Long St. Christopher is a classic sounding ballad with a psychedelic twist. Worth a listen if you like The Beatles and/or The Coral.

Surfer Blood

I wasn't keen on this band from Florida when I first heard them as I was a bit unsure of the over the top distorted 80's sound. Swim (to reach the end) is power pop at its catchiest but could be seen as cheesy. Twin Peaks is quite a fun, summery listen whilst Floating Vibes shows a more serious side to the band.

The Strange Boys

This Texas band do back to basics, 60's rock 'n' roll with the style and swagger of The Stones and The Strokes. Be Brave is laid back and cool, it reminds me a lot of the rock standard, Louie Louie. Check out this band if you like The Strokes.

Marina and the Diamonds

Dubbed 'Next Big Thing' by HMV and performing on Johnathan Ross, there is a lot of hype surrounding this band. This year's Florence and the Machine? Maybe. Obsessions is a bit like Kate Nash's Foundations sung in an even more annoying, growly voice. Hollywood has a very nice chorus and will probably be a big hit. This is a lot more easy to stomach than the likes of Katy Perry.