Saturday, 30 January 2010

White Rabbits : It's Frightening

Finally getting a U.K release, White Rabbits' follow up to the magnificent Fort Nightly should bring them in a whole new audience. Definitely more accessible than its predecessor, It's Frightening loses some of the honky-tonk and calypso in favour of a more commercial sound but still hangs on to what made them unique.

Percussion Gun gets the album off to an angry, stomping start. A strong drum beat drives the song, with deep piano joining the high pitched guitars. Its an exciting combination and with the almost desperate vocals- "You'll never come back, my god can't you see that?" makes this one of the albums highlights.

Rudie Fails, obviously paying homage to The Clash, is uplifting pop but with dark lyrics - "You could beat the living daylights right out of me, I don't care at all". It is powerful stuff. Lionesse, with its moody piano, droning vocals and heavy drums is the albums finest song but arguably ends too soon. The album's more ambient moment - Company I Keep provides a much needed lull after the storm of Lionesse.The album does lose some of its steam towards the end. The guitars of Midnight and I are a bit too similar to The Clash's Guns of Brixton.

In comparison to Fort Nightly, there is nothing on here as fun as While we go Dancing but It's Frightening is a great second album and the band's sound has matured. There is still strong evidence of their influences, The Walkmen and The Specials, in their sound but this is a good thing. The band's progression has made it all the more exciting to see what they come up with next.